Friday, November 18, 2011

W/Hole hearts...names beginning with r...

the back of names beginning with r
Made 23/09/2011...names beginning with r...roger(my dad)... I had made a serious of bird rings and brooches that were dedicated to my father, so placing a bird on the back of the r brooch seemed fitting. the cut out clouds was imagery that was conjured-up from thinking about my dad still watching over me...sitting in the sky watching. I placed gold leaf as the background, because is connects to my mom's brooch (p) and it was sunshine and happy.
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W/Hole hearts...names beginning with...q

a captor...
Made 13/09/2011...names beginning with q...even though I know people with q names, I could not think of anything appropriate to a name...I did how ever think of a prisoner behind bars. Either a captor of my heart or a capturer of my heart...more a concept about heart then a person related brooch
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W/Hole hearts...beginning with p...

How Mary began

13/09/2011...names beginning with p...patricia(mom)...since this was my mother’s letter brooch I had the idea to make a mary- the most recognised mother symbol that I could think of. Doing this took some work, I had an existing little person that I adapted by turning her arm to her chest and them fusing bits of silver slowly on. I built these fused layers up until the figure had a skirt and veil then files and burred more detail in to form the miniature mary. For the back of the brooch, I used gold leaf and drilled into the back plate as a sort of halo effect. This brooch was a real challenge to make, especially the mary, it was also the first time I had used gold leaf. This is one of the most effective brooches as all its elements come together to form the mother imagery that I was trying to achieve.
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