Thursday, May 31, 2012

W/Hole Hearts...names beginning with z

Names beginning with z...a miniature horse – which represents my cousin Zivanna who is passionate about horses
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W/Hole Hearts...names beginning with y...

Names beginning with y...yolanda....obvious metaphor of a window to view my sole
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W/Hole Hearts...Returning to Names beginning with b....


Names begining with b...with a brooch in the form of a home – made for my sister, Belinda, who is a nurturer and homemaker
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W/Hole Hearts...names beginning with...x

Names beginning with x...  the back of the heart has been damaged and has hole burned in it – this is a literal image as metaphor for emotional holes that people have left in my heart (this used to be names beginning with be and then I adapted 'b' for my sister

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W/Hole Hearts...names beginning with w

Names beginning with...w... represents my friend William
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W/Hole Hearts...names beginning with v...

Cut and reveal

Names with a v...vincent...A brooch of a miniature pair of moving scissors placed on a pattern like image which states: cut on the dotted line–  a metaphor for my heart being cut open
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W/hole Hearts...names beginning with u...

Some people...
Names beginning with...u...with separate miniature cow - this represents a girl I knew named, who could be a real cow
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W/hole Hearts...names begining with t...

The naughty boy
Name beginning with...t...little boy pointing his finger – this is a representation of my friend Tom, who,

to me, is the eternal child
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W/hole beginning with...s


Names beginning with...s, samantha, the back of the brooch is a highly polished reflective surface – this surface acts as a mirror where I can confront the affect I have had on my own heart
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W/Hole hearts display

I wanted to incorporate wooden block with the alphabet as the related to the names a-z of the w/hole hear brooches. the first idea ihad was to mount the blocks to the wall and have the hearts hanging from them. They could be turned around and looked at at the viewers leasure. I then decided against this idea and thought a the first exhibition idea I had though of, which require mounting the heartd sideways on the wall between two glass sheets. As a result the two combines, blocks and mounting between glass made sense. like the brooch if worn, especialliy the back which would not be seen by the the box introduced a sence of the object being un-touchable
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