Monday, March 1, 2010

little people / pastic / hearts

This little people cast was very porous but I quite like it
this little people cast was not to bad
cleanest little plastic people
I cast plastic little people a while ago, with different degrees of success. Some were very porous and lost limbs, while others were a bit blurry. I had forgotten what brand of little people, I had used and cast a whole set of new figures... they worked out well but because of their obvious worker look they could be very restrictive... I've been trying to figure out what to do. I made my own little person which has not turned out that bad, but do i now need to make lots of them or reuse that figure. At a Masters meeting it was suggested that i use the not so successful porous figures as they are obscure yet still representative of the human form.

My idea started with ' people who leave holes in your heart' this was a bit negative as i thought about what I really wanted to convey. My thoughts were of those people that who help and hurt me and how they affect my heart physically and emotionally. The physical pain of loss and joy, but the idea stems from my feeling that no matter what happen good or bad it adds to my wholeness as a human being. So the W/Hole heart idea emerged... which now holds multiple layers that i have not quite figured out...

little people / whole heart

This was my carve little person that i blogged about earlier...
So this is it cast, I know it's not well proportioned but I don't think it turned out that bad

I have started cleaning it up... cut the arm off the body to make it easier, and to try get the proportion right should be easy enough to extend them when the body is ready.