Saturday, December 11, 2010

W/hole hearts close-up

Enamelled W/H brooches

W/hole hearts

Heart from the whole alphabet

So these are the hearts enamelled all 26.The process: I hand wrote names on the copper plate, on each heart  names are written starting from a-z. The names where possible are of people i actually know those who have been a part of the process of my life...which is the intention of this work, a reference to people who leave wholes or holes in your heart...all of whom should be acknowledged. The reason for hand writing the names was because these are a reference to my life, my hand writing connects the names to me. The enamel is not  perfect in fact, I have tried to have imperfections. I torched fired each heart over lapping colours, leaving the copper oxidised...the colour I chose are in the range of bruise hues... Now to make brooches

Friday, December 3, 2010

W/hole hearts

These are the final prototypes for w/hole heart brooches. The front will be etched with names starting with a all the way to z... Then enamelled and set in silver, with a pin at the back. The little people will be individual brooches which fit into the back of the heart... so there are 26, well 52 brooches in total...