Monday, October 31, 2011

W/Hole hearts...names beginning with o...

ribbon cut out
bars to wrap cotton around
the aids ribbon finished
front of o...

made was just one of those real days thinking about all the people I know who have been affected by hiv and breast cancer, so this was an appropriate choice. I wrapped the bars at the back of the heart with red embroidery cotton to create this aids ribbon.
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W/Hole hearts...names beginning with n...

couple brooch on the back
another view
08-09-2011...names beginning with an n... Nicky, Nick... people who I care for and have great friendships with, hence the couple as symbolic of relationships.
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W/Hole hearts...names beginning with m...

love me, love me not
Needless to say this was a heart concept...I stamped the words 'love me, love me not' over and over and then created a little flower to go with it...maybe a little clich├ęd but I remember playing this game as a child...made 07-09-2011
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W/Hole heart...names beginning with l...

l...back girl with a balloon
the girl is a brooch
Made 07-09-2011, I had to do a little girl for name beginning with l for Laila one of my dear nieces that I never rarely get a chance to see. She is growing-up without me really being a part of her life, which is rather sad..., this is the little girl that I miss happy being a child with a balloon.
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W/Hole hearts...letter beginning with k...

the hole is shown
the whole is revealed
k heart front
Made 23-08-2011...This was more a concept related to how my heart can be affected as opposed to a specific person. The idea is that a choice can be made if the heart is hole or whole. The handle is turned in order to reveal the words. The thing about making these hearts is I have tried to make them in a spontaneous manner, where the imagery used on the back is decided (as much as possible) when I sit down at my bench to work. This is one of the main reason why come hearts are concept and some specifically deal with a person on the front. the technical challenge of making a moveable part was really stimulating, the part of making that I always enjoy
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W/Hole hearts...names beginning with j...

making the gun
heart front
with gun brooch attached
gun removed

Names beginning with j... my brother Jeff, used to always get me to be the Indian when playing, Cowboys and Indians as a child. He always had the gun and I always got tied to a tree. I made this miniature gun as a memento to that time. The gun itself was first shaped in and cast with cuttle-fish and then I added the details, it clips onto the back of the heart forming the hidden brooch and memory.
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Farm animals - display

cow specimen
the box mounted to a wall
I've been working on displays for my work, and decided to place the individual animals in their own boxes which will be mounted on the wall. The idea comes from stamp and coin collections, these farm animals from a collection, where each individual is a specimen in the greater collection. I conveniently found these boxes although I did have to cut them shorter to make them more compact.
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