Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ballerina music box... video

Ballerina music box..

butter dish and light cover
bottom of butter dish with ballerina
music mechanism and base
all the elements together
bottom of music box
I've been making my ballerina music box, from the butter dish and light cover that I found. Things have changed as I've been working on it. I first thought about having the music mechanism show but after taking it apart and realizing that remaking the plastic elements would not work, I decided to cover it. But, it turned out that the butter dish and light cover were meant to work together, because once i cut the bowl section out the dish I realised that it fitted inside the light, with the music mechanism snugly covered.

I made an insert for the bottom of the butter dish which clamps everything in and it worked as I wanted. Now to make a beautiful wooden insert...with a lot of help from Nick...
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