Monday, August 15, 2011

Kewpie tags

This is close to the result I want for the tads although I don't really like the chain that links the peices.
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Kewpie Tags

These were some of my first attempts at the tags, stamped out, scratched out and cut on the JWX10...I really was not satisfied with any of these results and went on to use a cut on the JWX10 which I designed in Rhino. In these cuts the text stands proud and the layout is uniformal.
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Rabbit brooches

This is a test for the display concept behind the rabbit brooches. I glued the pages of theis small note book together and then sawed out the rabbit shaped hole. My in tention is to insert the brooched in to childrens books about rabbits, creating a sense of nostalgia and childhood...
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W/hole hearts...names beginning with i...

elements to make the brooch
back of brooch i
This is the 'i' name brooch, I decided to use an animal, a foal...31/10...subsequently this has changed to a fawn...

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Can't you see I'm broken... emotional disassemblage

I finally cut, cast and completed the tags for the kewpie series, and here they are packed with their relevant kewpie bits. It is now the complete dissection of the kewpie tagged and bagged, waiting to become brooches. I have considered the following titles for this work and they are: emotional anatomy, emotional glossary, a glossary of parts, emotional disassemblage...

These brooches are a result of the ‘can’t you see I’m broken’ work, which has been disassembled and disseminated into parts. It started as a video concept with Kewpie doll pieces that disassembled and then reassembled. This was a figurative and visual representation of feeling emotionally broken and then putting back the pieces. The dissection came in as a symbol for the analysis of emotions that occur when putting the pieces back together after an emotional upheaval. It can be systematic and clinical at times. This relates to my feelings of knowing that I will get through the experience but still having to go through the emotional and mental stages in order to heal.
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Ball and Claw stands

I found the great salt pots, very alice in wonderland...I am going to try and use the bottom section with ball and claw feet for ballerina bell stands. It will tie in with the butter dish, hope it works...
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Thursday, August 11, 2011

W/hole hearts... names beginning with h

front of h
knife as brooch at back

the h names is conceptual and not as far as i can think of related to names on the front, my thinking was more ideas like...stabbed in the heart, knife in the back, cutting the wedding cake, protection etc

Ballerina bells

the 3 bells finished