Saturday, March 19, 2011

W/heart brooches - names beginning with - A

This is the underside of the back of the brooch
This is the back of the brooch with the little person inserted
The front - names beginning with - A - anna, andrew, amelia, adam...
People who leave w/holes in your heart
Silver, enamel, stainless steel and copper
The two brooches separated

This is the first of the brooches to be finished. I've tried to create a window shape for the little person to slide / fit into and have left the pin a minimal as possible, cutting it's catch from the backing. I am going to make the rest of the brooches in a similar manner, but I'm sure there will be changes as the process develops.

Birdbath Brooch

 Birdbath Brooch
Silver, Perspex and Steel 

I realised that I have not posted this brooch as a finished jewel, I set the 'bath' into the perspex rim and created quite an elaborate back...also need to take an image of that. I'm happy with the finish and way that I have linked everything together.