Thursday, October 21, 2010

Second Rhino cut of Birdbath rim

Bird-bath rim re-designed (Rhino) and cut (JWX10)
This was my re-design everything is alot bigger and the perspex is not trancelucent but, a solid white this is much more effective. I was desiding wether this should be made into a ring or a brooch, it became a brooch with quiet a complex system to 'set' the bird-bath...pic's to follow

Bennoi Bunny Park

The only Afikaans sign, I think the rabbit image is great
this sign is outside two of benoni's high schools, hence the graffiti
taken from the Hi-way in a fast moving car
this was taken from the car so it's a strange angle, pity about the ultra 'disney' bunny

So i finally got to take images of Benoni Bunny\Harsie Park signs, these are spotted around Rynfield and on the Hi-way in to Benoni. I want to find a way of incorporating these signs with my Rabbit, this was my original inspiration. Still thinking about how to do it, print on canvas, have a sign made or print the image...but how to attach my brooches is another problem...