Sunday, September 30, 2012

Little boxes on the hillside...

This is the start of a work I conceptualised a while ago, which seems apt because I'm in the process of buying my first home

Thursday, May 31, 2012

W/Hole Hearts...names beginning with z

Names beginning with z...a miniature horse – which represents my cousin Zivanna who is passionate about horses
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W/Hole Hearts...names beginning with y...

Names beginning with y...yolanda....obvious metaphor of a window to view my sole
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W/Hole Hearts...Returning to Names beginning with b....


Names begining with b...with a brooch in the form of a home – made for my sister, Belinda, who is a nurturer and homemaker
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W/Hole Hearts...names beginning with...x

Names beginning with x...  the back of the heart has been damaged and has hole burned in it – this is a literal image as metaphor for emotional holes that people have left in my heart (this used to be names beginning with be and then I adapted 'b' for my sister

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W/Hole Hearts...names beginning with w

Names beginning with...w... represents my friend William
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W/Hole Hearts...names beginning with v...

Cut and reveal

Names with a v...vincent...A brooch of a miniature pair of moving scissors placed on a pattern like image which states: cut on the dotted line–  a metaphor for my heart being cut open
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W/hole Hearts...names beginning with u...

Some people...
Names beginning with...u...with separate miniature cow - this represents a girl I knew named, who could be a real cow
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W/hole Hearts...names begining with t...

The naughty boy
Name beginning with...t...little boy pointing his finger – this is a representation of my friend Tom, who,

to me, is the eternal child
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W/hole beginning with...s


Names beginning with...s, samantha, the back of the brooch is a highly polished reflective surface – this surface acts as a mirror where I can confront the affect I have had on my own heart
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