Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Dinning room

My Dining room
Because of the age of my house and previous paint jobs, that were dodge to say the least, the paint just peeled off in large pieces on most the wals

scraping the walls

family helping
In retrospect, my builder said I should not have been so determined to scrape everything off, the surface that was left was really chalky and difficult to paint even after being skimmed.

The inside...Kitchen

Scullery area
This 'fantastic' fake granite sink is about 700mm from the floor washing dishes brook my back

Orange paint dominates most of the kitchen and dinning room

The Kitchen
I scraped off the orange paint as soon as I could. There was also a think pine shelf running along the wall which I removed. The cupboards are "cherry-wood' melamine. At lease I have a gas hob.

New Direction... my house

My home

I am very fortunate to live in this beautiful home, it was built in 1929 and is in great condition for such an old building. Although the interior leaves much to be desired. So, slowly but surely I am fixing it up, I'm doing most of the work myself...with a little help form great friends and loved ones... and sometime a professional or two.

Monday, November 3, 2014

I'm participating in this Exhibition ant the Liz Loubser exhibition this id a sneak peak of my piece...

Memento Mori
Sterling silver and ceramic

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Little boxes on the hillside...

This is the start of a work I conceptualised a while ago, which seems apt because I'm in the process of buying my first home

Thursday, May 31, 2012

W/Hole Hearts...names beginning with z

Names beginning with z...a miniature horse – which represents my cousin Zivanna who is passionate about horses
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W/Hole Hearts...names beginning with y...

Names beginning with y...yolanda....obvious metaphor of a window to view my sole
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W/Hole Hearts...Returning to Names beginning with b....


Names begining with b...with a brooch in the form of a home – made for my sister, Belinda, who is a nurturer and homemaker
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W/Hole Hearts...names beginning with...x

Names beginning with x...  the back of the heart has been damaged and has hole burned in it – this is a literal image as metaphor for emotional holes that people have left in my heart (this used to be names beginning with be and then I adapted 'b' for my sister

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W/Hole Hearts...names beginning with w

Names beginning with...w... represents my friend William
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